You’ll always be warm and Kozy in a KoolKoat! The outer fabric is Commander with a fleece lining and in between you have insulation with your choice of Drotex or Powderfill to keep out the cold in temperatures as low as -25 F or -32C. Bring on winter!.


Your KoolKoat is comfortable since it is custom made to fit your body type and chair requirements. With innovative features like our Koolway half back to eliminate bulky fabric and full length zippered sleeves for the ease of dressing.



Look great, feel KOOL in our Koolway’s adaptive clothing. You will now be wearing a custom make designer jacket for all weather conditions with the end result of being able to go out enjoy, have fun and achieve your maximum level if independence.



  Our Koolway products are designed with the ease of dressing in mind and saving time for families & caregivers. Custom made to fit the user’s body frame & wheelchair configurations, we incorporate half backs. full zippered sleeves, zippered hoods, hidden G – J tubes and should harness openings.

Koolway Sports designs and manufactures outerwear for individuals with disabilities, enabling them to achieve their maximum level of independence in all aspects of their life!

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