Assistance/Funding for a Koolway Sports koat

At Koolway Sports we believe everyone should have available a KoolKoat Package who needs one to help them achieve their maximum level of independence each and everyday! To help assist in making this happen we’ve compiled a Resource List (Funding Tab on home page) of organizations for you to explore that may offer a variety of options for you to “Live Life the Koolway“…..The Resource Page is as current as possible and you will still need to apply directly to the Resource completing their requirements for consideration. Make sure you follow and like us on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter to keep up-to-date on any funding news or updates!

Are your products custom made?

Yes 99 % of all our products are totally custom made.
During the ordering process, we work directly with each family to best satisfy their individual requirements and their wheelchair specs.
If a local order, we then try to do a face to face fitting…..
If not a local then we use Skype, FaceTime and actual still photos for the more difficult special requirements.

What does it take to place an order?
For ordering a custom or standard size, fill in the order form located on theHome Page Sizing Video tab” and submit or email. Follow the measuring chart and how to measure video for sizing
Koolway order desk will call you within 24 hours or sooner (Monday – Friday) and First thing Monday morning (from weekend inquiries) will review your requirements.
Order form and quote is then completed by Koolway Staff and set back for your sign off. “Good to Go
Once sign off is received the order is placed into production the same or next day.
How durable is a Koolway jacket and how to clean
Our Koats are of such high quality it isn’t uncommon to get 8-10 years+ of life from our products. In fact many of our customers sell or angle gift their used KoolKoats when they have outgrown and are ready to order a new one.
Cleaning Instructions: All Koolway products can be machine washed in cold water, and either hung to dry or machine dried on a no heat setting. One caution, don’t use a softener sheet in the dryer with any of our Koolway products.
How do you ship and how long?

In most cases we only use Federal Express Ground for all our shipping in North America and Federal Express Air for rest of the world.
Once shipping department has process package for Fedex pickup, you will receive am email from Fedex with tracking information and planned delivery date.
In general once the package leaves Koolway Sports delivery is made between 1 day to 6 days on average depending on destination country, distance and weather conditions etc.
We know you will be excited to receive your new Koolkoat so start as soon as a confirmation is received by email with “Good to Go”

How does one pay for your product and how do you deal with the floating currency exchange?
We accept all major credit cards, and PayPal, cheque (Check) and e-transfer etc. and KOOL
Kash…(NOTE: US Checks will be charged an additional Canadian Dollar service charge.)
All our pricing both on the website and quote and / or invoices are in Canadian Dollars. For non Canadian sales, when we calculate the Canadian invoice, we go to XE Currency Convertor and select the Sale Country and show on the invoice the estimated local currency at the time of billing. (NOTE: Converted number may differ a little at time of processing)
When we process Credit cards, we use Royal Bank of Canada (RBC) Moneris services. RBC and your bank or financial institution do the converstion using true timing rate and apply what ever services charges. We only get a Transit number from RBC when completed and DO NOT know what your local currence charges are. For this information you need to look at your bank or credit card statement.
Return and exchange policy?
We stand by our product 100% and will make every effort to rectify any issues post manufacturing.
Please review the details in this link or at the bottom tool bar on our home page
Contact us directly if you have any questions at the Koolway Studio 905-493-3188.
Do you buy back used Koolway Sports Product
Koolway Sports is the designer and manufacturer of outerwear and we do not buy back used products.
Each case will be given  individually considered if after a short period of time your child has outgrown their product and you wish to order a new package.
We may well be in a position to offer KOOL KREDITS towards the new purchase. Please call our studio at 905-493-3188 and we will review each case.
We will also try to work with you and a third party who wishes a slightly worn product
We review each and every request as a special service for ordering from Koolway Sports.
Do you work with outside or 3rd party agencies (Private, or State or Provincial Government Funding Bodies)
Yes, we work very closely with all parties in Canada, USA and Europe.
Koolway Sports has filed and received approval for the use of a W-8Ben application with a number of US States as a Canadian manufacture and recognized supplier.
We are most willing to work with the family, all agencies, foundations and Governing Bodies in an effort to make everything seamless and to keep the process simple.
We wish all to be “Living Life the Koolway