KoolSit Ski


• water resistant fabric
• commander fabric on the outside
• grey fleece on the inside
• powderfill insulation between the layers of commander and fleece
• zippers around the blanket; detachable front and back blankets
• reflective tape on front blanket
• slip-not fabric protects the bottom of the blanket
• quick release opening
Mountain Man – horizontal opening 6″ from the toe
Dynamique by Enabling Technologies – vertical opening 12″

KoolSit Ski Adult Large Adult Medium Child Small
Front Length 50 44 41
Back Length 60 54 50
Finished Waist 60 52 39


Insulation Powderfill -between the layers

• for extra warmth
• breathable
• moisture-resistant
• both machine washable and dry cleanable

Additional information

Child / Adult

Child, Adult


Navy, Royal, Cherry Blossom, Violet, Purple, Aqua, Yellow, Plum, Fuchsia, Red, Tan, Olive, Charcoal, Berry, Lilac, Camo, Orange, Hunter Green, Topaz, Black

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