KoolKoat Winter 2021


$360 – $865

• All Commander outer colours available
• Combo colour Koats with different sleeve colour from body
• Standard inner fleece is dark charcoal
• Your choice of fleece colour for the collar and inner hood fleece
• Koolway half-back (option) eliminates excess fabric in the back of the Koat for those with molded chair backs
• Full sleeve zippers from the cuff to the bottom of the side seams
• Zippered security kangaroo pocket; Zippered hood; zippered front blanket and back blankets
• Shoulder and G / J tube openings (optional)
• Reflective tape on front pocket, hood and front blanket bottom
• Inner cuff sleeve
• Blanket can be worn 2 ways, around footplate or feet inside the blanket
• Koolway blanket back zippers to blanket front then to Koat front

Slip-Not (Non-cut) on the bottom of front blanket, gusset and blanket back
• non-slip PVC, offering grip and non-skid in both wet and dry conditions
• Waterproof, fire retardant
• Cold crack tested to -40F
• Both machine washable and dry-cleanable

We also make a custom version of our KoolKoat to better fit you and your needs.


Click Me to customize!

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Insulation Powderfill -front & back of coat (optional)
• for extra warmth
• breathable
• moisture-resistant
• both machine washable and dry cleanable
• makes finished coat very puffy!
• Powderfill recommended in the blanket front 2b for extra warmth for legs

We also make a custom version of our KoolKoat to better fit you and your needs.

Click Me to customize!

Size Small Medium Large XL

Chest Size: 26″

Torso Length: 18″

Back Length: 12″

Sleeve Length: 24.5″

Blanket Front: 22″

Blanket Back: 16″

Chest Size: 27″

Torso Length: 20″

Back Length: 12″

Sleeve Length: 27″

Blanket Front: 25″

Blanket Back: 19″

Chest Size: 28″

Torso Length: 21.5″

Back Length: 12″

Sleeve Length: 28.5″

Blanket Front: 28″

Blanket Back: 19″

Chest Size: 30″

Torso Length: 22″

Back Length: 13″

Sleeve Length: 30″

Blanket Front: 30″

Blanket Back: 21″


Chest Size: 33-36″

Torso Length: 25″

Back Length: 17″

Sleeve Length: 33″

Blanket Front: 31″

Blanket Back: 27″

Chest Size: 36-40″

Torso Length: 26″

Back length: 17″

Sleeve Length: 34″

Blanket Front: 33″

Blanket Back: 29″

Chest Size: 40-44″

Torso Length: 27″

Back length: 18″

Sleeve Length: 35″

Blanket Front: 35″

Blanket Back: 31″

Chest Size: 44-46″

Torso Length: 28″

Back length: 18″

Sleeve Length: 36″

Blanket Front: 37″

Blanket Back: 33″


Additional information

Adult / Child

Adult, Child


Small, Medium, Large, XL, 2XL


Jacket Only, Jacket with Front Blanket, Jacket with Front and Back Blanket

Jacket Insulation

Drotex, PowderFill

Outer Commander Colour

Navy, Royal, Cherry Blossom, Violet, Purple, Aqua, Yellow, Plum, Fuchsia, Red, Tan, Olive, Charcoal, Berry, Lilac, Camo, Orange, Hunter Green, Topaz, Black

Hood and Collar Fleece Colour

Navy, Royal, Kool Buffalo, Koolberry, Seafoam Green, Teal, Yellow, Black, Fuchsia, Red, Tan, Charcoal, Light Grey, Lilac, Pink, Hunter Green, Lime Green

Optional Sit Ski Blanket?

Yes, No

Blanket Insulation

No Blanket, Drotex, PowderFill

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